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inceeeest QAQ and shotacons also... For incest, it's all kinds buuut sometimes if the whole thing is amazing (good drawings/story line etc) i can stand it..... otherwise i just avoid it as much as possible   reply
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Yeahhhhh XD THEY KNOW omg, and they just laughed when I told them that it was what I was reading all the time... (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜 It's only my friends and my close family (parents and siblings) though, because I feel like I'll be judged if the others knew too haha. And the old ones don't really know how yaoi can be.... they just think of it like ......   reply
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People are doing

did travel to a different country

i just movet to england from italy ... it's all so scary, i have no friends, and i am alone asf ( at least i have a job )

3 hours ago
did get a tattoo

actually i have three tattoos, but i'm going to cover all my body with them, also i'm studying to be a tattoo artist, so

4 hours ago
did write a book

I've finished editing the draft for my first book !!

4 hours ago