Hana No Miyako De (Yaoi) manga

Takarai Rihito 2000 released.
Drama / Historical / Slice Of Life / Tragedy / Yaoi
于花都之中; 花のみやこで; At The Flower Capital
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

The successor of the Tsujimura clinic, Motoharu has always held his childhood friend, Hazumi Akira, close to his heart. He confessed to Akira and then was rejected. Even so, he still entered the same university and same department as Akira. Ever since the confession, the two have been distancing each other, but Akira suggested that they make up and for the first time in a while, they walk home together. But on the way back, Akira suddenly kisses Motoharu, causing Motoharu's hope to grow. However, the next day, Akira tells him to “forget it”, causing Motoharu to blame Akira... 

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Hana No Miyako De Ch.3(end)

Mar 18, 2013

Hana No Miyako De Ch.2

Mar 18, 2013

Hana No Miyako De Ch.1

Mar 19, 2013
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2014-09-19 20:15
I just finished reading the first story, for the second time and as the first one I read it my heart broke.
Everyone wants to be with the people they love but they can't and this is just too sad to be described by words. In the last chapter, Motoharu's words "it's already too late" made me really want to cry...
It's a beautiful, sad and heartbreaking love story. Within this small chapters you can feel all the characters emotions, I read other short mangas but this is the only one that gave me all this feelings and make me understand how deep their love is in so short pages.
I really love Takarai Rihito's works beacause they gave me a lot of emotions, the glance of the characters express everything, love, hopes, sadness...
I will follow her works forever but this one will always have his space in my heart.
I absolutely can't not recommend it.
(after this seriuos post i'm going to cry in a corner T.T, see ya)
2014-08-04 04:25
«●[]●» Hana Series
1. Hana No Mizo Shiru
2. Hana No Migoro Ni - Sequel
3. Hana No Miyako De - Spin-Off [Story of Prof & Gramp]
2014-09-19 17:20
Both of the stories made me an emotional wreck for completely different reasons.
2015-02-09 17:13
Motoharu's affection for Akira is thwarted by family expectations and cultural standing — NOT, as one would expect, on his side, but levied upon the hapless Akira, whose responsibility toward his mother's benefactors outweighs his personal choices. This story is, both, tragic and sweet, and both the young men still manage to express what is in their hearts, even though duty supercedes individualism in the time and setting of this story. Takarai Rihito's art is magnificent, and there is continuation of this story in the magnificent story, Hana No Mizu Shiro, or "Only the Flower Knows" [http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/hana_no_mizo_shiru/] ... If you love yaoi, definitely read both of these!

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  1. Peet-B February 4, 2016 7:34 pm

    the tears wont stop comingfgh

  2. Anonymous January 25, 2016 6:32 am

    why do i keep coming back here i just end up bawling every time ╥﹏╥

    • Anonymous February 7, 2016 7:25 pm

      agh shit i did it again lol

  3. Sky Wheeler
    January 24, 2016 4:35 pm

    You can't do this to me. You can't tell me that guy's the professor and that child from the sequel is his' lover's grandson why would you do this to me. I got my hopes up to. his explains a lot.

  4. CipherFX17
    January 23, 2016 7:02 pm

    The feels train just fucking annihilated me ( १д१)

  5. Chuuchuukiss
    January 21, 2016 3:33 am

    Sorry but could someone explain to me who the professor is? Is he motoharu or akira? And is misaki the grandson of motoharu or akira? The surnames are different so while I have a guess, I'm not entirely sure.

    • Royal22
      January 21, 2016 4:56 am

      The professor is motoharu the one who died was Akira and the student was Akiras grandson.

    • Chuuchuukiss
      January 21, 2016 6:22 pm
      The professor is motoharu the one who died was Akira and the student was Akiras grandson. Royal22

      Ahaha, thank you!

  6. Shiki Natsuki
    January 20, 2016 9:40 am

    Anybody who reads this needs a tissue to accompany them

  7. Anonymous January 13, 2016 3:06 pm

    I came here cuz of baozi and hana's Cosplay ... I never knew that I would end up crying ...
    My feels .... Ughhhhh. Why ??? Damn really I can't stop ...

  8. Lala Land January 13, 2016 2:45 am

    y'all are so emotional XD

  9. Dandouniia
    January 11, 2016 1:07 am


  10. Sache January 9, 2016 4:08 pm

    MY FEELS!!! ╥﹏╥

  11. justattrash January 1, 2016 6:40 pm

    This manga will make tissue companies' great success

  12. genderless December 18, 2015 4:26 pm

    "too late.. it's already too late"
    me : *tears flowing like no tomorrow* damnnnnn ╥﹏╥

    it's a good manga tho, and from now on everytime I remember this I know I'm gonna cry like mad, thank youuuu

  13. Valon
    December 12, 2015 1:55 am

    This actually hits too close to home and no matter how many times I read this, I can't not cry.

    Motoharu, man.... I feel your pain.

  14. OniGiriGirl December 10, 2015 6:41 pm

    This was so beautiful. Shows that a a story doesn't always have to have a happy ending to hit you right in the heart. *Sits in corner and cries for ten days* ^_^

  15. guest November 28, 2015 4:36 pm

    This manga remind me of cold sands.... Why, oh why, you must opened the scar I got from cold sands??? ╥﹏╥

  16. Ash Lea November 26, 2015 4:56 pm

    dang why....too sad...T_T T_T T_T

  17. Yurricane
    November 25, 2015 2:51 pm

    Oh so this is Hana no Mizi Shiru prequel! I love how the old scientist has actually a past, and how he considers Akira's grandson as family, this is just the right amount of bittersweetness and it makes my heart flutter ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ~

  18. rinmouri November 22, 2015 5:10 pm

    This manga have a great story, prepare some tissu to whipmyour tears....
    That ending was soo.....uuurrrrggghhh... i cant describe with any other word....
    ┗( T﹏T )┛

  19. A-chan November 14, 2015 4:46 am

    My feels ╥﹏╥ I can't stop my feels. My room is flooded ( ̄ε(# ̄)Σ ╥﹏╥

  20. Lucy October 25, 2015 5:33 am

    Impossible!! why aren't my tears stopping?? ╥﹏╥ ╥﹏╥

    • Fritti November 7, 2015 2:36 am

      Just finished. I'm a total wishy washy mess right now. Time to youtube some kitten and puppy videos.