Menkui! manga

Tanaka Suzuki 2000 released.
School Life / Shounen Ai / Supernatural
メンクイ!; Menkui; Menkui !
Vol.3 Ch.4
Vol.3 Ch.3.2
Vol.3 Ch.3.1
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From Blu:
It’s hard to be in high school, especially when you live in the shadow of your stunningly attractive older brother. It only gets worse when the really cute guy from the class next to yours starts hanging around your house, presumably to catch

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did playing piano

I started to play when I was 8 and years later here I am playing anime op/ed and now learning to play the cello.

9 hours ago
did nicknames

Everyone I know has different nicknames for me. From Neo to Nemo to Yankee to Pinky Princess Cupcakes (the hair dye was purple I swear!)

11 hours ago
did playing piano

Played for a few years with a teacher before stopping to learn the flute. I still play for leisure when I can but wish I hadn't switched.

11 hours ago

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