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When to start... [Question]
26 06,2017 22:23
I've been wanting to take martial arts classes for years now, but I'm in college, and am busy throughout most of the year. So I'm having to wait in order to figure out when I would have the time. 

Right now I want to learn Krav Maga, but I'm not 100% decided yet.
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25 04,2017 22:42
As long as you can move your body then you're not too old to start a sport, enjoy it and become really good at it.   reply
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brynn 25 04,2017 21:20
In my karate class, there are people who are around 40 just beginning it.   reply
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Um... I remember starting when I was 5, and now im 14, so I have been learing kung fu, judo, and boxing for 9 years. But there was a stupidly sassy girl that just joined, and I was like "Umm... are u flexible to do this? U look fat..." (Rude!!Lol) and she was like, "EXcuse me! I am a beautiful gal, with very much flexiblty!" Then I was like, "Yeah,......   8 reply
23 03,2016 04:29
Kakun 15 03,2016 16:49
No, you are not. ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ Haha, I didn't say that to myself, and I'm 27, so you are young, darling! I have been going to Taekwondo classes since February and I'm really happy. And let me tell you, I've felt old because my classmates are younger than me, they are 16 to 20 years old, so don't worry about it. You are young and capable, it ......   reply
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ToeileAf 15 03,2016 03:57
no you're no to old too learn.. and its okay if you're not sporty to practice martial arts.. you just need to start it and you'll be fine :) trust yourself and perhaps watch some martial arts videos to get your motivation :D   reply
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Matysia 15 03,2016 02:24
Although I would really want to. And I didn't even think of mastering a specific martial art, just to get overall experience. I'm 18 and I'm not that sporty, it's definitely something I won't be able to do anymore, I lack motivation.
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Aikidō [Experience]
Lσωєяƒυυ ♡
13 03,2016 02:53
I'm practicing Aikidō for 11 years already, started at the age six. Pretty young, I know. I still visit the same dojo as I did when I was young, it's just like having a second family there. But back to the actual martial art. As you may already know, Aikidō is Japanese martial art focused on self-defense and especially based on developing yours......   reply
13 03,2016 02:53