Cooked And Burned Food

Accidental discovery [Experience]
08 01,2017 22:02
A long time ago, as a .< - so that's one of my shameful memories ^.^   1 reply
08 01,2017 22:02
Water... Literally [Experience]
Kyaaaah 29 11,2016 22:41
Once, I put water on the stove to heat up for something or another. Then I discovered that there's a mountain of dust on top pf my cabinet. Next thing I know, I smell something putrid and look down to see the pot the water was in smoking in a weird way and the water all gone. Long story short, there was stuff other than water in the water which sta......   2 reply
29 11,2016 22:41
17 11,2016 05:07
Have any of you cooked and burned your food at one point or another?? Because... I want to hear about it. :3   reply
17 11,2016 05:07