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Draw things you like. Experiment with shapes. Attempt to draw the same thing many times, such as an oc, fav character, etc either in different poses or see if you can draw the same pic you've already drawn before, but better.   1 reply
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08 02,2017 20:05
I absolutely LUV drawing and, not to brag but, I'm pretty good at it too! ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄ I made:   3 reply
08 02,2017 20:05
19 09,2016 02:38
I LOVE drawing so much its ridiculous i honestly cant live without it. it has been a constant in my life which is funny since throughout my childhood i havent been drawing much. Lately, though, i have been drawing much more since ive been receiving support through friends since depression and anxiety hasnt been making it easy. I have only recently ......   reply
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Yeaahhh!! Well I think anyone of us wants to go back in the past if they have regrets or memories that they want to experience again like I do. ....*sob*   1 reply
16 09,2016 14:11
I miss before whatsapp, skype or all the popular messenger app/softwares existed. i dont know if it only in our family. but we always relied on windows live mesenger. those days were the best personally.ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ~
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dO I? DO IIIII?! YEEEEES O - O))) = ive been drawing ever since i was really young and i started doing digital when i was in grade 3 i only use a mouse tho rip insert wip of very gay oc that i will never finish :///   reply
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16 09,2016 10:39
Drawing was my life, and I even wanted to become a mangaka, but right now I'm really busy with work so I barely have the time to draw, and when I have, it's really relaxing I love drawing cute things and I'm only drawing shounen ai   1 reply
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uhh [Experience]
Aikasenpai 15 08,2016 21:31
Many days ago my graphic tablet stopped working and i just didnt give it to a repair service and eventually forgot i got a tablet. Recently i saw one of my digital drawings on my leptop and noticed i missed drawing digitally but im afraid i forgot how to draw on it and that makes me depressed so im still not giving the tablet to service.........   1 reply
15 08,2016 21:31
01 07,2016 10:30
Sooo i drew something again .. I started to hear some weird noises then when I realized, I drew this. (Nah kidding). Jyuushimatsu's mah fave okeh? Don't judge pshhhhh(● ̄(エ) ̄●)   1 reply
01 07,2016 10:30
Drew something stupid [Experience]
30 06,2016 12:47
Hey guys i tried to draw jyuushiko from osomatsu san! How is it? Got the idea of pose from another photo. It's called reference okeh? (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧   1 reply
30 06,2016 12:47
14 06,2016 23:03
I draw as much as I can. I also do alot of coping others work. It helps acually alot. And I watch Sycra at youtube. He helped me alot to improve! And I mean, ALOT! He have been the best sensei ever :)   reply
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SketchP 14 06,2016 21:25
I think the most important thing is to keep enjoying it. I have days that i absolutly can't be bothered with drawing, and other days i'm itching to grab my pencil :p. Some days when everything i draw is horrible and others that i feel like Picasso I used to go to the library a lot (due to the fact that people still went to libraries back then xD) ......   reply
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SketchP 14 06,2016 21:07
I love drawing. I've been drawing ever since i can hold a pencil :p. It was really convenient for my parents as well, due to the fact that my dad worked at a printing office. So i had a loooooot of paper at my house xD. Plus my parents told me that that was the only time i was quiet. I would have loved to go to art school or even take some art cla......   2 reply
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midnight demon 09 06,2016 18:32
I love drawing but I'm not good at it, and what I do is not considered drawing   2 reply
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Sefu-chan 09 06,2016 17:09
For me, other than frequent practice, it is a big deal to draw what you love being able to be inspired and be motivated by something you want to do could increase your chances of landing a satisfying artwork. Another tip is to gather different techniques. There are different techniques to draw from sketches to paintings to paper to electronic medi......   1 reply
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zedion49 09 06,2016 17:08
of course i enjoy it (▰˘◡˘▰). Since i'm beginner at drawing and my drawing really bad, but i really enjoy it so much. Sometimes it's really hard for me to practice because my study and part-time job. i'm really bad at drawing people/human, so i more like to draw anything else other than that.( ̄∇ ̄")   reply
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Matysia 09 06,2016 16:45
I'm not sure if what I say will be any different from what you already heard, but you must not give up when you think you can't do something. Watching tutorials will not help you if you don't put what you've seen into practice. I don't know on what level of drawing you are on but no matter how good or experienced you are, there's always time to pr......   1 reply
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Matysia 09 06,2016 16:37
I sure do! I've been drawing for about 4-5 years, I'm actually going to art college this September. I enjoy doing mostly digital art, but it's fun to move on to paper from time to time. I actually have a hard time with drawing now... You know the feeling when you start a drawing all hyped and ready to spend hours on it but you get to the point ......   2 reply
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09 06,2016 16:21
I really love drawing. My friends are saying, I'm the artist of the class. My drawing are making me proud and i love to draw(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ I'm 12, and I want to be an artist, chessplayer and piano proヾ(☆▽☆) Well, if you don't mind, I'm going to finish my drawings now xD   reply
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