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06 11,2016 19:09
40 year old mom of two teens. Afro-American, work-from-home, Charlotte, NC USA. Started reading yaoi last year because, I couldn't find a lot of bl videos, so I searched and found out manga is a whole lot better and more descriptive. When I first read it I was like OMG. People read this ***t? Now I am glad I did.   4 reply
06 11,2016 19:09
exhausted 04 11,2016 01:51
Going to join the short list of men here... 25, Male, Russian-American, Art Professor/Teacher's aid. I live on the coast of Maine. I've been reading yaoi for about 12 years.   9 reply
04 11,2016 01:51
12 11,2016 09:34
15 yo Indonesian boy, student, and now I think I've becomes gay myself — and want to be the bottom one. I feel really bad for my family :'   6 reply
12 11,2016 09:34
06 11,2016 21:36
23 years old. Male. Arabic/German. Supervisor at doggy daycare. Albuquerque. Proud reader of yaoi since I was 17 :))   6 reply
06 11,2016 21:36
ruda102 03 11,2016 23:10
29 years old Polish leaving in UK last 10 years, female, working in warehouse in dispatch, reading yaoi for 11 years and don't intend to stop any time soon.   reply
03 11,2016 23:10
Sheyin Riiren
06 11,2016 16:47
18, female, student , bi, reading yaoi since 16, one day accidentally watched koisuru boukun and started reading yaoi... ah.... i love them soooooooooo much..and doctors just told me that if my pulse rate goes higher than this there's no hope in my life.. but I'm really happy...   1 reply
06 11,2016 16:47
03 11,2016 23:50
Crazy ass 13 year old latina and black manly woman who goes to middle school, loner, still questioning their sexual orientation and lives on a peninsula in the USA. I started reading shounen ai in summer of 2015 (i was 12) and yaoi this April (13). Hiding yaoi from my mom is honestly the hardest thing ever. I also write gay stories and post them on......   3 reply
03 11,2016 23:50
19, Male, Straight, Unemployed hobbyist programmer. I got real depressed on and off in Middle School and High School, and manga helped me feel better. so after draining every genre I could think of there were some crossdressing mangas left along with yuri and yaoi. After reading the crossdressing ones I thought, "Hey let's go with Yaoi next!", thi......   2 reply
24 days ago
blackcat 04 11,2016 16:07
24. Female. Auditor in hibernation aka Neet. Tbh, I don't think I will get addicted in Yaoi not until I read Koisuru Bokun 5yrs ago. Before, I kept it a secret that I am reading yaoi until 3 years ago when a co-worker suddenly browse my history (mostly from that time) through my work laptop and nothing I say can really make my wa......   1 reply
04 11,2016 16:07
24 11,2016 21:31
17, male, gay, college student, england :D   2 reply
24 11,2016 21:31
redhead 05 11,2016 19:15
30 years old Georgian straight female engineer designer. I discovered yaoi world by chance by watching animes. I don't really remember which one was the first yaoi anime I've watched, but I do remember the first yaoi manga and it was Koisuru Boukun. At first I watched its anime and really liked it but it wasn't enough at all so I was really happy ......   1 reply
05 11,2016 19:15
06 11,2016 17:59
19 yrs old, female, bisexual (I think), Filipino, University student, I started reading yaoi when I was 17, after my otaku friends influence me. At first I was like "yaoi? eww. wth" to my otaku friends; then they made me watch junjou romanctica, since then my world became sparkling hahah. My sisters know I'm into yaoi, I can even watch/read when th......   4 reply
06 11,2016 17:59
I am a 27, soon to be 28 year old, stay at home mom of two :) i'm also a wife!! I wish I could turn my hubby into a fanboy :(   4 reply
5 days ago
11 12,2016 22:41
17 y/o, Panromantic Asian boy in the US. I'm also taking classes for animation at my local school (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ I've been reading yaoi since I was like 13 lol. I really like the ones with a very slow build. It lets you get to know the characters, get to understand the situation and what not. So that whenever something couple related happ......   reply
11 12,2016 22:41
29 days ago
17 Year old girl, whose Pacific Islander/Asian. Second year College Student + Senior In High School (Because in a program called Middle College). San Francisco - I live really close to Japan Town, thats how I got into it lol ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭   1 reply
29 days ago
23 11,2016 12:07
18, Female, Australian. I am currently a student working part-time as a pharmacy assistant. I'm just your everyday yaoi trash who can't really remember how she got into reading it 2 years ago but all of a sudden got addicted as hell *whispers* and now I don't read much else (▰˘◡˘▰)   reply
23 11,2016 12:07
Loli Love
07 11,2016 13:56
A 19 year old girl -that looks 12- (often called loli). College student, majoring in nursing. Latina. Addicted to yaoi. Because yaoi and food are life. Yes~   1 reply
07 11,2016 13:56
07 11,2016 19:32
I'm 18 years old, female, white, German and live in a small town in the north of Germany. I have watch my first yaoi with 12 and I start to love them. It was like love at first sight   reply
07 11,2016 19:32
CatsRUs1 07 11,2016 23:24
15, american, non-binary, and asexual. I stubbled across BL when I was 12, and have been mildly addicted ever since.   1 reply
07 11,2016 23:24
KoKo 08 11,2016 03:49
Iva here with no shame: 29, Female, Hispanic, InfoSec Professional, Washington DC (USA), a mom of one, Jack of all trades master of none. If I can get hot while I read it - I'm down! There's no better way to wake the fuck up in the morning than with some coffee and yaoi! It'll get ya goin'.   reply
08 11,2016 03:49

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