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19 01,2017 11:25
43 yr old single female caucasian of mostly celtic descent, full-time Production artist and freelance graphic designer in Omaha, NE USA and mom to a now 19 year-old son.   5 reply
19 01,2017 11:25
25 11,2016 00:55
22 year old, (gay) male, dancer/singer from Long Island N.Y. I've been a hard core yaoi fan since....holy crap it has been around 10 years xD Yaoi helped me to find myself and my sexuality when I was much younger. I love everything about it; the art, the stories, the romance, the steamy-hot sex scenes ;) I seem to get more wrapped up in yaoi stori......   5 reply
25 11,2016 00:55
TobioAnnvich 28 01,2017 17:37
18, female, italian. I read yaoi because mangas with straight couples don't make me feel at ease, it's like I'm invisible in this world because I'm lesbian. Btw idk why I'm reading stuffs with penises but it's ok lol   2 reply
28 01,2017 17:37
CatsRUs1 07 11,2016 23:24
15, american, non-binary, and asexual. I stubbled across BL when I was 12, and have been mildly addicted ever since.   3 reply
07 11,2016 23:24
11 01,2017 01:01
I am a 27, soon to be 28 year old, stay at home mom of two :) i'm also a wife!! I wish I could turn my hubby into a fanboy :(   6 reply
11 01,2017 01:01
23 11,2016 12:07
18, Female, Australian. I am currently a student working part-time as a pharmacy assistant. I'm just your everyday yaoi trash who can't really remember how she got into reading it 2 years ago but all of a sudden got addicted as hell *whispers* and now I don't read much else (▰˘◡˘▰)   3 reply
23 11,2016 12:07
Violetchwannn 20 01,2017 14:57
20 yr old Japanese Lesbian working at an airport in USA started reading yaoi 7 years ago   3 reply
20 01,2017 14:57
04 11,2016 16:39
asexual genderfluid 15yo student from Poland; Libra and introverted traditional artist (●'◡'●)ノ   2 reply
04 11,2016 16:39
Mira 04 11,2016 17:05
Age 23, female, Bangladeshi (but was born and live in UAE), MBA student, Ras-Al khaimah. I have been reading yaoi besides shounen manga and love anything with gay plot or subtext. Probably cuz I am an asexual aromantic, but I dig yaoi, since 6-8 years I found one accidently. I am thankful I discovered this genre, becasue it helped me learn about th......   8 reply
04 11,2016 17:05
KoKo 08 11,2016 03:49
Iva here with no shame: 29, Female, Hispanic, InfoSec Professional, Washington DC (USA), a mom of one, Jack of all trades master of none. If I can get hot while I read it - I'm down! There's no better way to wake the fuck up in the morning than with some coffee and yaoi! It'll get ya goin'.   1 reply
08 11,2016 03:49
redhead 05 11,2016 19:15
30 years old Georgian straight female engineer designer. I discovered yaoi world by chance by watching animes. I don't really remember which one was the first yaoi anime I've watched, but I do remember the first yaoi manga and it was Koisuru Boukun. At first I watched its anime and really liked it but it wasn't enough at all so I was really happy ......   3 reply
05 11,2016 19:15
31 01,2017 06:06
20 years old, straight girl from germany, nurse in training, I just like seeing hot boys and steamy action, so why not double the fun? :)   3 reply
31 01,2017 06:06
01 03,2017 19:12
22 years old, female, have been reading yaoi for atleast five years, student (becoming a primary school teacher but better to keep my manga taste a secret ssst X) ), from the Netherlands. Most funny thing is that my younger sister found out because she saw I had viewfinder open, I couldn't escape but then she admitted she liked it too for atleast a......   3 reply
01 03,2017 19:12
07 11,2016 10:56
24, straight female (though i joke about it so frequently that if i became a lesbian, I doubt anyone would be surprised...), and an English/Art student at DSU living in St. George, Utah. I was initially totally biased against yaoi, but got bored of bland, airheaded, shojo manga heroines and wanted a change of pace. I've been horribly addicted to ya......   1 reply
07 11,2016 10:56
Loli Love
07 11,2016 13:56
A 19 year old girl -that looks 12- (often called loli). College student, majoring in nursing. Latina. Addicted to yaoi. Because yaoi and food are life. Yes~   2 reply
07 11,2016 13:56
08 01,2017 22:04
20, female, Finnish & bi with a stronger leaning for men. Currently unemployed and I want to continue to university in the future.   reply
08 01,2017 22:04
25 12,2016 03:44
20. Female. Asian Canadian. Undergrad Computer Science. Montreal. Quebec. ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ~ I just got into yaoi legit last week whilst I was studying for my Finals. I don't know how it happen but it did. I'm glad.   3 reply
25 12,2016 03:44
18 12,2016 03:47
17 Year old girl, whose Pacific Islander/Asian. Second year College Student + Senior In High School (Because in a program called Middle College). San Francisco - I live really close to Japan Town, thats how I got into it lol ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭   1 reply
18 12,2016 03:47
35-yr.-old white female. I read whatever I like. Love is Love. People should be able to be of whichever sexuality they choose. I have no problem with it myself.   1 reply
22 11,2016 23:22
Maja :) 03 01,2017 15:50
I am 21 years old, I come from the Balkans, from Macedonia. I am a pharmacy student and started reading yaoi when I was 16 and I love it :D   4 reply
03 01,2017 15:50

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