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  1. Anonymous May 23, 2015 3:47 am

    can you guys recommend me yaoi/shounen ai that has cultural festival please? (⌒▽⌒)

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  2. Yayayaoiii
    May 23, 2015 3:36 am

    YASSS! IT'S REAL! Bye Mangapark and Kissmanga! TBH Mangago is the best for yaoi mangas (next is myreadingmanga), but I never like that I can only read one page at a time bec Im a fast reader and sometimes it takes a while for a page to load. So thank you Mangago!

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  3. no need for a name May 23, 2015 3:26 am

    Hi, im looking for a yaoi manga.
    The storyline goes like this dude easily gets angry, so his friend told him to donor his blood to decrease his emotion or stuff and it works well.
    The doctor who is taking his blood is actually a vampire... bla bla bla they get together at the end. Ya. . Pls tell me asap if anyone know

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  4. Evilcookie
    May 23, 2015 3:00 am

    I'm looking for a yaoi manga that I read a while ago. It's pretty dark and twisted. It's about a man with mother issue because this mom was a slut and neglect him. His mom has raped at a clown at a fair when she was young and that's how he came. Deviated by this he becomes a serial killer. Then meets a male prostitute who he tjen kills after falling in love with. If anyone knows the name of this please tell me. Thank you very much!

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  5. V-chan
    May 23, 2015 2:09 am

    Hi guys ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ~
    I was just reading this amazing manga, below

    and i realized something: why does the main character of EVERY great shounen (well, just the one's that i know, what?! "every" sounds better than "some") their weapon of choice has to be Either their fist or some kind of over sized kitchen knife?
    i'm no rocket scientist but isn't the most logical weapon a really powerful GUN with limitless bullets something like a lazier gun ( ̄へ ̄)

    well, true, some of the story plots would be meaningless without one but still i just want to hear someone else's thoughts on the matter.

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    • Rawr May 23, 2015 3:40 am

      Having a gun would make things way too easy. Also, considering most of the shounen mangas involve some underage youth that probably doesn't have the means to procure or buy a gun is also an issue. But I do agree with you in the fact that the main character having a gun would make the fights A LOT faster.

    • Doldrums May 23, 2015 3:59 am

      I think mangakas find swords appealing because when they have their protagonist wield a sword, whether consciously or unconsciously, they partake in a form of nationalism.

      Katanas, or Japanese swords, had always been the main weapons of Japan before the Black Ships (Kurofune) landed. The arrival of these Western vessels marked the end of isolation and the advancement of the Meiji Restoration during which samurai were banned from carrying swords altogether.

      So although Japan was Westernized, its unique culture leaves something to be desired from its past.

      Personally, I'm not a fan of guns, but I still like anime where guns are the protagonist's weapon of choice, like Trigun and Hellsing (Is that contradictory? Maybe so). Of course both weapons require a high level of dexterity, but they give off entirely different "feelings" in a fight. For example, imagine Roronoa Zoro wielding guns instead of swords. He has a different atmosphere, right? Or imagine Alucard wielding swords instead of guns. Also very different.

      I think because of the nature of guns it's more difficult for a mangaka to draw exciting fight scenes.

      For me, it's about the struggle which is why I really like the manga Berserk. The protagonist's weapon, a sword that looks like an iron slab, suits him perfectly as a human who struggles as much as possible against non-human foes. I feel that if he wielded a gun the outward illustration of his struggle would diminish.

      Sorry, turned out longer than I thought. Thanks for reading.

    • Doldrums May 23, 2015 4:11 am

      Also, Japan has very strict gun laws which may have contributed to mangakas preference of sword-wielding characters.

  6. ❀sakurako❀ May 23, 2015 1:12 am

    I have a dream last night.I have a dream about 3 butlers .I have that dream after watching "hayate the butler". It goes like this " there is this master that is a fujoshi(which is me) that have 2 butler(twins) I cant remember their names. I found this adorable young boy that is so strong and is good at every thing but he is super innocent. Since he was looking for a job I hired him as my third butler. Since Im the master I only asked them to do some "Yaoi Pose" for me since Im a mangaka in that dream then after that I let them do anything they want. The twins were interested at the new butler so they decided to "capture" him after that they did this and that every night.(they are preparing him) Then one day the new butler decided to quit his job . The twins was mad so at night they bought him to their room. They kiss him , touch/lick/such his nipples , then after that they prepared the lower body then the older twin enter his **** in his *** then the other twin put his **** in his mouth then they penetrate him at the same time then they did the "double penetration" they didnt stop till morning . And behind this twins , they are not butlers but the true master in the mansion and Im the one who is the butler .But since they got interested in this young boy they ordered me to pretend as the master because its more fun in that way . And then I woke up ..

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    • love_yaoi_forever May 23, 2015 1:24 am


    • V-chan
      May 23, 2015 2:30 am

      Sob...sob....that's a really touching dream...sob...i wish i had those kind of dreams cause the only kinds i have are the ones were i'm falling off buildings and being chased by monsters ╥﹏╥

      by the way, i love how you phase it:
      "then the older twin enter his **** in his *** then the other twin put his **** in his mouth then" LOL!!! that was absolutely hilarious!!! (≧∀≦)

  7. fan May 23, 2015 12:44 am

    woooooow now we have Multi pages , we can read all the chapter in one go

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    • NY May 23, 2015 2:17 am

      How does it work here?i'm sorry I'm stupid. I just finished reading one yaoi manga just now and noticed that when i proceed with next page it skips 1 page? Im reading through my mobile phone and i havent seen yet the multi page here.. Please help?

    • Yayayaoiii
      May 23, 2015 3:30 am

      OMG my heart's beating so fast from excitement. Im gonna check this now. You better not be playing with me!

  8. Sei May 23, 2015 12:33 am

    This came out of nowhere, but i suddenly remember a yaoi manga i read a long time ago. It was about how the seme and uke always compete with each other in swimming. However, once the race was over, they were both attracted to each other's body and fell in love. Please tell me the name of the yaoi if you know Σ(  ̄□ ̄||) If you answered this before, it means the manga isn't the one i'm looking for. BUT I THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME

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  9. Looking for a manga... May 23, 2015 12:10 am

    I'm looking for this manga about this rich girl who's in love with her servant who's around her age but an accident happens and the servant disappears so as she grows up she is still looking for him. So one day she goes to this island and she finds him. However, his memory is gone and he's already married with a kid. And after a while of her talking to him he begins to regain his memories but then he dies, and his wife dies too. And so the girl adopts his kid and at the end of the story she marries or gets into a relationship with him. Thanks!!

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  10. Kyner11
    May 23, 2015 12:12 am

    Im looking for yaoi
    i guess its manhwa
    about they enemy(maybe) at first and the became couple
    but one of them have to go to abroad because of his family force him and he gave his boyfriend a motorcycle....
    then the uke family gave it to gang and the Uke wanted it back so he did race and in the middle of it he committed suicide

    Sorry if my english bad

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  11. Anonymous May 22, 2015 11:35 pm

    Hi all! I watched an interesting movie last night and I thought some of you may enjoy it as well. It was called Jamie Marks is Dead. It's a bit of a ghost story...

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  12. mayan May 22, 2015 11:29 pm

    It is yaoi about a boy who work and sells in a store, and the other boy who always comes and buy a specific candy on stick. It turn out the he love the seller and something is going to happen between them. I just forgot what is next (¯ ³¯) Thank for the help:) :)

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  13. kawazaki May 22, 2015 11:28 pm

    I'm looking for a manga where the main character is a special race that's really good at finding rocks, but if they aren't in constant contact with a high quality rock they will turn into rock themselves...

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  14. Anonymous May 22, 2015 10:51 pm

    Any manga like gun x clover where main character tries to hide awesome skills/ is an open secret or is like a master rank

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  15. manga2000 May 22, 2015 10:12 pm

    "Looking for a yaoi manga.
    The uke is a in like with guy A whom he goes to school with. The seme, older guy, is guy A's fiance. Seme mistakens the uke to be his fiance and rapes. Seme finds out later that he made a mistake but he prefers uke to the fiance.
    I know I'm not too clear about the plot but thanks in advance."

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  16. seke May 22, 2015 9:52 pm

    Does anyone know any yaoi manga's where the main characters have to watch children that aren't theirs.

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  17. Kaheru May 22, 2015 9:37 pm

    Hello again.. :)
    I want to post again my post. This one:


    I got some responses, but, I already read all of them.. Hehe
    I already read this, too.. A bit dark, tho.. http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/ima_wa_tooi_natsu/

    "Hello world! As a pervert, I want you to recommend me some yaoi which: there is a seme and uke couple, but the seme is "being done" by someone else but the uke doesn't know, not threesome, foursome, or somesome else with the uke. Doumo!"

    Thanks again! Sorry, long post.. XD
    Maybe I'll re-post this again, hehe.. Sorry in advance!

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  18. A.H May 22, 2015 8:59 pm

    I use un android phone
    and this update is just annoying while I read a manga it skip a page and go to another that I didn't read yet
    anyone know how to turn off this multi page ??

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    • Anon May 22, 2015 9:31 pm

      I only know that 'multiple pages' check box isn't shown/is not available to check it, when you're not signed in.

  19. damien May 22, 2015 8:48 pm

    Yaoi mange where one of the guys has kids?

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  20. Anime Question May 22, 2015 8:34 pm

    I have an anime question.
    Does anyone know of an anime watching website that separates anime by time-period (like 70s, 80s, 90s, etc.) ? Most anime sites just have shows separated by genre, but not year. Thanks!

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    • Kuma
      May 22, 2015 8:49 pm

      I know one website. Its might not great as other but this website have years by release date on bottom right side. http://www.watch-anime.net


  • Baaaaaka... =0 gomennasai ;) : He was the president. . . =0 . . . XD
  • Maera : Hahahaha (๑•ㅂ•)و✧
  • MoonMoon : If you're okay with muscular manly uke, than you're a genuine fujoushi. Yaoi manga is not just like shoujo manga. There're manly ukes too in real life, and there're gay couples who switch roles too~
  • Kuinshi : I was wondering that too . . .
  • kee : You wanna know why this is the most annoying manta I have ever read!? Because people in this manga play so many fucking loves games and waste so much time. "I love you but I can't be with you........but maybe I love you..........then I sleep wit other people.....now I love you again but you deserve better....wait love me again" it too much and really annoying .Don't get me wrong JTS realistic because people play games like that in real life it was just so uneccessary.
  • Reander : Ehhhhh, am I the only who actually liked the last story?
  • seke : Waaaaa i know right. hahaha
  • Amari : i was wondering the same question! Did nao have a kid? *squeals*
  • articwolf : its cute and funny.
  • articwolf : you using your phone? it'll do that. i read mangahere on my phone and does that unless i go to m.mangahere.co which is the mobile version. mangago doesn't have a mobile version so it'll get the appstore pop ups.
  • Anonymous : I can see Akihito dancing to Hey Mama by David guetta in front of Asami ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄
  • Nah : Kind of getting tired about people saying how Hinata should have ended up with Aldin and how horrible Seshir is.

    First off, Seshir did what he did with Kagaya thinking that Kagaya is Hinata's lover and did not want to be suspicious. Kagaya obviously used his 'memory loss' idea to get with Hinata. He had to use him because he had no idea how to get back by himself because of his memory loss and he didn't know what kind of character is Kagaya and if he would have helped him.

    Secondly, Hinata was in love with the Aldin that kept touching him, holding him, loving him but Aldin ONLY DID that because he believed Hinata was Seshir but with memory loss. He didn't even think much of 'Seshir;'s' weird behaviour because he thought it was due to the memory loss even at the end it was obvious that Aldin wanted the 'Seshir' with his memory back, not Hinata.

    So while you're thinking that it's sad for Hinata, think about how in the long run how bad it would be for him? How detrimental it would be t his health because he was starting to delude himself into thinking that it's ok if Aldin loved him in Seshir's body. Even Kagaya had to REMIND him that Aldin was truly in love with the real Seshir, not Hinata. What Hinata did was ALSO despicable, moreso because he KNEW that Aldin was in love with the real Seshir yet wanted to keep fololing him but Seshir is the one who wanted to go back to Aldin and did not want to stay with Kagaya. Throughout it all Aldin, HAD NO CLUE that it was not Seshir because of the 'memory loss'. So think about Aldin too instead of trying to force him to love Hinata.
  • Nah : Aldin doesn't love Hinata? It was obvious throughout it all that he wanted the 'Seshir' with his memory back because he thought Hinata was was seshir just without his memories. In the end, Hinata used and lied to him? Eventhough knowing that Aldin was in love with the real Seshir? That Aldin made love to him thinking that he was Seshir? Hinata was in love with Aldin always holding him and touching him and telling him how much he loves him but Aldin was only doing that because he believed he was holding Seshir. Yet you want them to stay together?

    In the end, he would have been miserable because you can only lie to yourself so long till you realise the person you love is not really in love with you?
  • kira.yani : thank you!
  • Anonymous : PLOT TWIST!...I gotta say, I've never been keen on using twins as a plot device, and I really don't like sibling rivalry, especially when it's a fight over who gets to date one person. It's subtly disturbing.
  • Nah : And? Hinata slept with aldin and also used and fooled him when Aldin is obviously in love with Seshir. While Seshir lost his memory and couldn't get back so he used kag, while kag was using and lying to him as well.

    Seshir did it thinking they were lovers and didn't want to be suspicious, especially since he didn't know how to go back after losing his memory. I find Hinata using Aldin's love for Seshir even worse since he wanted to stay that way while all Seshir wanted to do was get back to Aldin.
  • Sunika : I think what (alheab) said is quite true. I saw it more like an emotionally blackmail... Chika didnt have a choise, if he wanted to remmain with him he needed to accept al that. If he dosent, the only choise was to fininsh the relationship, and i'm sure he know that, that "jerk" will not come after him and that will be the end. And again that (jerk) he know all this and how much Chika loved him....
    Chika i think was on that edge when you don't know if he loves you or not... when you hope that you willl be "that one" and the hope that he will change.
    This is happen very offten in reallity.
    Well in reallity the end is not like that. In most of the casses they never "go back" and become good people.
    Is hard to let go of your love evan if is "poisoning" your life.
    I don't aprove it, but i understand Chika.

    my opinion so "don't hate me" people. (▰˘◡˘▰)
  • Kweky-chan29 : I was so shock when I read this!!! It's almost the same with the story I wrote when I was eleven. But it's straight though. It's mother and son and a very sad story XD ╥﹏╥
  • Anonymous : please update ╥﹏╥
  • Rin uchiha : It's so adorable!!!!
  • Sunika : I completaly agree with you.
  • Anon ^_^ : Gives it an eerie feeling...
  • 《Lilium》๑۩۞۩๑ : Though I completely don't know anything about the manga you're translating but I am glad that you're happy. If you want support and encouragement then I'll give you plenty of that because you took the initiative to make other people cheerful ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄
  • mika : This is not the first time that I read this two stories, but every time I reread it, its still hit me hard as the first time lol love both stories.
  • Loveless : NO wait i wnat to find out what's going or what??? or what?? cliffe hanger
  • Four Eyes : Yep, definitely the pudding.
  • SkitKat12 : So did that get anyones attention? Good. XD I wanted someone to talk with about this manga. I've read it and re-read it and every time I get this vibe that even if the uke/slut guy wanted to be faithful the past will come back and bite him in the ass...(Pun intended). So for them to get together they are going to have to go through a lot of trials.... Mainly the uke... And the seme.... The seme will have to say something soon other whys he will destroy the relationship before it even starts.... And if the relationship does start he will most likely have trust issues... And it's just. Because anyone would have trust issues if they new their partner was so.... Easy before them. I just hope that after all the trials they will have a happy ending. Don't you agree?
  • midnight_tea : i think what the uke means with'we're both falling in love' means that they both fall in love to the person who doesn't love them; uke loves the other peeson and seme loves uke..both knows that they can't have the person they love and uke seems to understand that the pain in seme's eyes is the same with the pain he has for falling in love with person he shouldn't love....that's why 'they fall in love' but not with each other..that's my point of view though
  • Kuu : uhm..
    seeing the years...
    I thought that one are Vincent parents .__.
  • Naruni : Seeing all the posts about the twin theory I decided to reread from the start. It's almost certain that the Ciel we know is not the real Ciel! The family tree panel now makes sense, there are two branches coming from Vincent's name http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/kuroshitsuji/an/kuroshitsuji/103/pg-5/
  • lucy pratiwi : (⌒▽⌒)
  • bringmethepierced : I want president to have his own story (☆▽☆) and I want to see him to push down his crush in all honesty...
  • SkitKat12 : Makes you wonder what the artists experience has bee with their parents. No matter what a persons ... Inner side always comes out in their stories. Whether its their past or their fears. Or their hopes. ...
  • Noctreve : Shunpei as the sensei*
    Gomen! (≧∀≦)
  • Noctreve : Woah! Someone else who think this!~
    And for the Shunpei ad the sensei, I totally agree with you too! ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭
  • Xuan : X3 next chapter is out ^_^
  • Nano : Well aren't you a douche? Keep your negativity to yourself, troll.
  • fan : correct, sorry i pressed annoying without noticing
  • Anonymous : Haist...why still don't have any update:-(
  • liliana katsutki : I enjoyed this a lot
  • DAYM : That was some cryptic shit this chapter - torturous wait for the next one. Things are only going to get more hinkey from here on out! Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit ~ (⊙…⊙ )
  • ashbeelee8899 : In YAIO maybe but in YURI don't feel anything!im a girl but if I read YURI it's like naaahh!
  • gege : love them all specily timmme is there astory for him