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  1. nona December 22, 2014 5:06 pm

    hievery body ..I want to know a manga that…… ..they must do a game and who find the best card will become the king in the school ( it a yaio ) please help me

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  2. Anonymous December 22, 2014 4:55 pm

    Could someone tell me the yaoi where the guy seme is a hero and another uke guy is a devil king and they put their fingers in each other's mouths to get turned on and the grandpa kidnaps the hero ?

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  3. Hiya
    December 22, 2014 4:22 pm

    Does anybody know this yaoi where thrse to guys have matching tattos. One is black and one is white and they're snakes. The uke is a business man now and the seme is in a gang. Please and thank you!

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  4. !!!!!!!!!!! December 22, 2014 4:02 pm

    i want to ask Can someone tell me if super lovers why took so long for the updates!!! please!!!?

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    • Zena December 22, 2014 4:23 pm

      From SweetPuriinsuScans:

      "First of all, we’d like to apologize for the very long wait. Our translator is graduating college in March and she’s been job hunting these past few months. For those that aren’t familiar with how job hunting goes in Japan: it’s basically hundreds of people apply for one or two company openings, taking exams that range from the history of the company to the constitution of the company, if they pass that then they’re moved to interviews. Now, interviews in the US have always been one on one from my experience, but in Japan it could be five or more interviewees and a few interviewers. You have to stand out within a limited time frame amidst this group of people, and if you pass the group interview you can be given an individual interview. You can read more on job hunting here but I’ve highlighted the more common parts of the process.

      tldr; we hope to release the translation on a certain dog lover’s birthday this month. there’s also an extra that has yet to be released so we might get that out before the new chapter."

  5. Anonymous December 22, 2014 2:08 pm

    Ugh I'm so frustrated!why does everyone think that because you cut yourself you want to die? its mostly a way to express emotions for some people! if I wanted to die I would have cut myself the proper way! not across but down!

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    • claymore December 22, 2014 2:16 pm

      can't really understand this. sorry, i hope you're not offended.
      what emotion are you supposed to show by cutting yourself?

    • kawaii December 22, 2014 2:28 pm
      can't really understand this. sorry, i hope you're not offended.
      what emotion are you supposed to show by cutting yourself? @claymore

      i also dont know what it feels like to cut, but maybe she's trying to say that just because you cut, you want to kill yourself. sometimes its all about depression...? o-o idk //sorry for not so good grammar

      and dear, some people cut because they are in between of want to suicide and dont want to suicide (bc friendsss) ;-; orz im bad at making people feel better, but please do cheer up ^-^

    • kawaii December 22, 2014 2:30 pm
      i also dont know what it feels like to cut, but maybe she's trying to say that just because you cut, you want to kill yourself. sometimes its all about depression...? o-o idk //sorry for not so good grammar
      ... @kawaii

      it means you want to kill yourself *** oops

    • Morcheeba December 22, 2014 3:43 pm
      can't really understand this. sorry, i hope you're not offended.
      what emotion are you supposed to show by cutting yourself? @claymore

      Some shrinks claim "Self-harm"(SH) or "Deliberate self-harm"(DSH) is an expression of pain which can't be made visible in any other way. There's no way to congregate all, but some explained that they're feeling no pain while (for example) cutting themselves - or rather, they feel pain in their heart/soul, not their skin. Cutting their skin and seeing blood spill forth relieves the feeling of built-up emotional pain.
      The popular idea "if you cut yourself, then you're in no position to complain about the pain" is detrimental: it's pain. Pure and simple. If someone claims to be unhappy, you're not supposed to discuss whether or not someone's rightfully unhappy. Denying isn't helping, either.

    • claymore December 22, 2014 4:51 pm

      this is one of those things that i think i can understand but not get into. :D

  6. Ray
    December 22, 2014 1:41 pm

    S&M yaoi ? > v 6
    Thanks a bunchy peachy !

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  7. Anonymous December 22, 2014 1:23 pm

    Any yaoi where the seme or uke is part of the yakuza?

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  8. Kurokawa miyuri
    December 22, 2014 1:13 pm

    pleasee~ i'm begging youu!~
    uupppddaaatee!! pleaseee!!! TT^TT)/"

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  9. Anonymous December 22, 2014 1:11 pm

    Any yaoi about the uke used to sleep with a lot of guys but now he already has a lover but when one of his ex boyfriend comes bqck he tries to make the seme jealous but the semes starts ignoring him instead?

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    • kite December 22, 2014 4:34 pm

      Junai no seinan...but you should read the other parts of the series too :)

    • kite December 22, 2014 4:36 pm

      Junai no seinen, but you should read other parts of the series too:)

  10. lboy
    December 22, 2014 11:17 am

    I read this manga a few weeks ago but i cant remember the name
    Is about a team of guys like free agents who do jobs for money, one of the guys was like a soldier when he was younger, and his team leader fucks with him, at the start is just like fuck-buddies, but later the two start to feel something romantic, the team leader dies saving his subordinate (the one he fucks with) in the middle of a mision saving a group of orphans guys, some of those guys form with him the independient team later

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  11. CONman December 22, 2014 10:51 am

    Hello do u know the name of this manga? Thank you :)

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  12. Neomaru
    December 22, 2014 10:16 am

    Searching for a shoujo, more a josei actually... The story is about a high school girl who's married to a teacher and the teacher doesn't want to have sex with her until she graduates. I can't recall the name... Please help me !! (Sorry for the english, I'm french...)

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  13. Anony-chan
    December 22, 2014 10:15 am

    hello can anyone help me find this yaoi manga it goes like this: there is this guy(uke) and he works at a flower shop sudenly he needs to do a delivery to an old house. when he gets there it looks abandont and when he goes in he comes acros a room with 3 men in it (2 playing shougi(japanese chess as they call it) and 1 standing next to them). the uke tries to run away because he hears this voice in his head that tells him to do so but the man who was standing in the middle(seme) stops him.and asks him to deliver roses(the flowers he was bringing) every day.after that is was revealed that those 3 en are Vampires and the uke is a reincarnated soul. and those other 2 also have there own stories. thanks in advance. sorry for my bad english i'm Belgian.

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  14. Anonymous December 22, 2014 10:02 am

    Which (who) about two with demons brothers search for conflict (combat) mangi.

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  15. lilly12
    December 22, 2014 9:59 am

    Any recommendations a yaoi about that uke is super ugy en he got builld plzz help me

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    • lilly12
      December 22, 2014 10:04 am

      and he is in love whit most good looking guy in school

    • Anonymous December 22, 2014 10:09 am

      Aitsu no daihonmei?

    • lilly12
      December 22, 2014 10:15 am

      thank you

  16. Anonymous December 22, 2014 9:49 am

    Maybe two are witch-doctors for you in which (who) with monsters with demoniac girl mums question brother both (both of) one second (other) know be which (who) conflict (combat) include (reach; make) pact has spectacles mangę and please, it is better than their brother of has been kill by monster about assistance mum.

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    • Morcheeba December 22, 2014 3:45 pm

      I'm sorry, I don't understand.


  • Inochi : Wah ! I want to know what will be happening ><
    I'm looking fo the updates ;)
  • Ann : I usually dislike rereading or rewatching any content I've consumed, but I can't help reading this particular Manga again. It's well written.
  • LadyWolf : Yea I know what you mean.
  • Sarrow : Yep.
  • Sarrow : Yep.
  • Sarrow : But he gave Alexis a room there, to come and go as he pleases.
  • Dee Dee : It's just a mix, kinda like a development in their feelings.. There's some kind of triangle going on with Kanzaki, Suga and Kura and they are not eve aware of it. While Suga is going out with Aya-chan, he seems to have feelings for Kura (though I don't think he's fully aware of it) and at the same time he really cares about Kanzaki (but I don't think it's in a romantic way), then Kura seems to like Kanzaki, though I don't know what that look was about (when he was drawing Suga) and Kanzaki seems to have feelings for Suga. So this is just a perfect love triangle that is at it's beginning phase. Same goes for Sasa and Atsushi, though I think Sasa is more aware of his feelings for Atsushi than Atsushi is aware of his for Sasa. There was just that one scene that kinda clued us in to the possibility of Atsushi's feelings for Sasa in Fuyu Kaze wa Dare ga Hiku. But, he's still in the phase of figuring out his feelings for his crush that N-sensei lady(can't remember her full name). And then there's Yamato & Yamada... So this was a beautifully done manga, I really liked it!
  • whoknow : this manga is up till ch 20 raw on 17kk.cc
  • Audrey : With such beautiful drawings, really hope the author or artist could make a yaoi manga~
    Sorry if I have offended anyone with my wish. But such beautiful artwork should really explore further depths of story. Anyway, please update soon, the story is really good.
  • ClaudeWolftingale : I'm cryin like hell right now! *sniff*
  • Anonymous : the brother is being a pain in the ass .. fuck off already
  • Cupcakes : You aren't the only one who is annoyed by Momo. I've yet to find a tsundere who isn't annoying.
  • Dio : oh my god! am i the only one whos fucking annoyed by momo??! acting like a girl all the time, be a man and let him do you. Tsunderes are so annoying sometimes
  • Anonymous : Im thinking eren's dad is from outside the walls. It would explain why he had enough experience to take down historia's sister. Or at least he's ventured out there a number of times.

    And where are the people who live outside the walls anyways? Now that I think about their world might've had less humans dying since they were all shocked and traumatized at tross or whatever.

    Aw hell why is there such a detour from the main storyline? Now when we find out it's gonna be less climatic
  • Anonymous : Nooooooooo why must they torture us like this.......I want moreeeeeeeee
  • Anonymous : Historia's dad definitely seems like he's lying. I mean if everyone h as kept quiet about the origin of Titans it's probably because they can't do shit about it. If they could they would've. And if they really could that still makes them crazy. Plus I d out eren's dad would've killed them if he knew they could fix things. Rather he was upset because they didn't. And also the power and mnowledge must be transferable since the people form outside the walls kept trying to get it. And what happened to them anyways?
  • Anonymous : Me too!
  • charloves : love how yato's son appears here i really miss that series!! i hope we get to see more cameossssssss
  • marian-hime : And the castle belongs to the owner of the antique store in the same history(kindan no koi)
  • Silencia : I was sort of hoping for the other way around... I'd be happy with either one, honestly. This story is driving me nuts! So good though...
  • Anonymous : Yeaaaay~
    2nd season confirmed~
    I'm looking forward to the training camp with nekoma and fukurodani~
    Tsukiiiiiii~ <3 <3 <3
  • Lilium : Ah, my mistake. Sorry about that and thanks for clarifying!
  • Kou : "You're cruel" AH. No. You're all cruel! >m<
  • Anonymous : Ok this hopefully continues some of the first couple cuz man I demand more!!!
  • Anonymous : Cute
  • Zena : Just because some might not be aware and I myself just noticed it.

    For those interested, you can buy this manga for $5.49 for each volumes on RightStuff right now (Holiday Sale). That sale ends on December 28th I think:

    It's like, the perfect time to buy it and know what's next ;)

    I was doing my yearly Holiday Rightstuff shopping aha ('cause I'm cheap and that's when anime becomes affordable; $70 dropping to $16, heck I'm in).
    Free shipping in the US when buying over $49 by the way. As for me I'll just suck up the shipping lol. I just saved over $200 and now the cost is like $100 right now, it's really crazy the deals that go up there :0
  • Iunia : This is so sad, so twisted and so good!!!! I can't stop reading this!!! I need an update DX I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS DX
  • Morcheeba : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amaterasu
    Amaterasu, goddess of the sun and the universe;
    Due to her brother Susanoo "hurling a flayed pony at her loom, and killing one of her attendants in a fit of rage" she hid herself in a cave ("heavenly rock cave") and refused to leave - "thus effectively hiding the sun for a long period of time".
    They tried to persuade her to leave the cage by making a ruckus outside including the goddess Ama no Uzume who was to perform a strange and obscene dance - the resulting laughter sparked Amaterasu's curiosity, thus she pushed the stone blocking the cave entrance away and joined them. "Susanoo was punished by being banished from heaven." Happy end. ^^
  • key05 : I loved all the stories. Highly recommended
  • blue_asami : wow thank you!!cant wait to see that chapter i knew something is badass about zeno,, really looking forward to it,,!!
  • tardyaoifan : :' D
  • CONman : Wow Morinaga is so Bossy and sweet XD ..
    A different kind of seme, He's very fond to His tyrant senpai.
    Hope it'll be update soon enough........
  • miss.Snickers : Lol well i kind of like Misaki's college friend, I believe his name is Tohru with Ijuuin sensei since he is a huge fan of his but I doubt it : ( i wish......
    Buut Haruhiko x Injuuin sounds cute both were /are pretty darn persistent.
    Oh! But Yanese : ( he needs somebody too>…<
  • v_3 : Agree... It's awesome :)
    In my country (my city) this manga not really popular. How sad :'(
  • Luka : So what's that? did they end up being lovers? Cause honma said that he will never kiss Manabe again..
  • v_3 : yep... just read the 'dj'
  • Anonymous : Ah...so long T.T...thanks for the answer ^^
  • Kawaii : I want mooooooore!!!!
  • di luna : takano is SEME.. of course.. yokozawa tells that in some ocassions...
  • meeshafoxfire : This is killing me and now I no how the main character feels
  • Twyla : you know what the third one is grosss -_-
  • k.o. : suprisingly awesome!don't know why it took me so long to read it!definetely worth the time
  • Emelin : Ok. I'll read it! xDD
  • cherryblossom : Aarghhh the hell what's up with this stupid couple?? They are really weird -_-
  • Venus : Not really a soul weapon, more like a cursed weapon since all the souls were devoured by its power...
  • watever : i just hope the heroine would be stronger, i mean she just give up at everything, i hate how she didn't take effort to think what she really want, she's so obsessed and over jealous, and overall she's just too gloomy
  • meee : Omagaaadddd !! wait wait
  • Kanra : 14 January
  • bbuingbbuing : this manga now has over 1000 votes, woah. soon we'll have to come up with a fandom name, haha XD
  • Thanks : Asami A Quiet Storm that flaiirs up on a clear summer day when there is no cloud in the sky. It rolls toward you dark flashing lighting thunder, rain clashing wind howling but you stand there unable to move bec, of the sheer power and beauty of it.
  • z : ....bullying is just as bad as crimes
  • Anonymous : I watched the Japanese drama for this. Very well-done, I loved the story.
  • N : that story with the manager/caretaker of the mansion (?), i want more of that. i hope there's more...
  • okey umm... : oh my gaaaaaaaa 0.0
  • Hikari : Gii x Harus is my favorite !! They really look like a real couple really !! Perfectt^^
  • rood : This is too short. But thanks for 2 chapters this month...
  • eyka : i beg you,,
    please update......
    o ne gai
  • Nemui : No, u interpret it worng.... That's because the uke was coughing (*prolly since the uke been moaning and keep calling the seme's name and keep saying 'love you' all night long and that'd make the uke's throat dry...*) Hence, the seme gave him a candy to relive the uke's dries throat. It wasn't meant to mock on the uke's voice sounds ugly...
  • hataki : best xmas present ever!! X3 got two updates in less than a week!!! :D
  • Nemui : no... actually the girl wanted to leave but got stopped every time by the seme asking some random casual talk questions to bully the uke....(*to feel some excitement too i suppose* XD) i feel bad for the girl instead, because she was being put up with that awkward situation. Nothing wrong with her falling in love with the seme but she got rejected like as if she is an annoying bitch trying to get in the way. And the uke was too afraid of her finding out about their gay relationship assuming that she might gossip it around. Hence, the seme said that the uke was being mean towards her while a simple sentence by telling her that the seme already has a lover should be good enough to reject her.