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  1. ayashi July 23, 2016 3:08 pm

    Can anyone recommend me some rich seme loving a non rich uke , something like royal or president and all

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  2. Moon light July 23, 2016 2:38 pm

    Hi! I just got curious the best yaoi manga that you ever saw(▰˘◡˘▰)

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  3. fk July 23, 2016 2:22 pm

    does anyone know the manga where uke is rape by his friend when he goes back to his hometown for some reason... i dont know its one shot yaoi ,,,

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  4. patchy
    July 23, 2016 1:03 pm

    i need to know what the manga in the corner is it looks really interesting http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/niehime_to_kemono_no_ou/nbt/v01/c003/pg-10/

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  5. Hi-chan
    July 23, 2016 1:00 pm

    Do they still have an app for smartphones ? If yes, where can I download~? ┗( T﹏T )┛

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  6. Sorry July 23, 2016 12:29 pm

    I'm so sorry to have posted manga with bad English.. English not my native language I just wanted to help people read manga, but it's bother to you guys

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    • Anonymous July 23, 2016 12:36 pm

      i don't really know what manga you are talking about (because this situation happens from time to time) but don't let it bother you, people like to bitch here even though they get everything for free.

      but if you are going to work on other stories ask for help (like proofreaders). i'm not telling this because of other people, but it will be easier for you. i think there are always people willing to help.

    • Kyaaaah July 23, 2016 1:45 pm

      There's no need to apologise; you're providing a service for free. ^ ^ However, like Anon said, proof readers are a huge help.

    • Kaheru July 23, 2016 2:10 pm

      I think I know the manga..
      No need to apologize., honestly.. You did a great job although English is not your first language and not so many people can't do that.. As long as we know what the manga wants to explain., it's already a great happiness for us.. Thank you very much for your hard work! :)

  7. Hakushi
    July 23, 2016 12:13 pm

    Why so much spam redirections?!! Can't i get to read yaoi mangas peacefully?!

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  8. Mi-chan July 23, 2016 12:06 pm

    Hello guys! I was reading a manga but there was a power cut and I lost it ┗( T﹏T )┛ So here are some details, I hope you can help me: It was a sequel to another manga about characters who were introduced in the first one. The seme trained karate and had black hair, the uke wore 2 hairpins and loved cosplaying (especially cross-dressing). They were in a VIP class. The seme had an unrequited love before. His nickname was Masa I think. Please please help me find it, it was just getting good ┗( T﹏T )┛

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  9. FaLiENAnGeL ;) July 23, 2016 11:43 am

    Shit it was fucking long 11 days now l can read to my hearts content(๑•ㅂ•)و✧

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  10. Anonymous July 23, 2016 10:21 am

    Is there any way to block genre you don't want on this site?

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    • zephyr4
      July 23, 2016 10:25 am

      During advances search...when you see the options for all the genres and demographics just double click on the genre you want to filter and it'll show an "x" and then hit the search button.
      And if you mean to permanently filter a genre...I don't think it's possible.

  11. helloooo July 23, 2016 10:01 am

    I forgot this yaoi manga I read quite long time ago... I remember the story was about a main character went to this island where his mother came from. I think he accidentally misses the last boat. But it turns out his mother ran away from the island to protect her son. And he has to sleep with other guys for the people there or something... Sorry I don't remember it very well.... I think the story goes something like that... Please tell me the title! Thank you in advance!

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  12. Mizuki July 23, 2016 9:56 am

    Can anyone reccomend me a yaoi manga like the seme did something really bad to the uke that's so unforgivable cuz of the seme misunderstanding and when he knew he try to get back to uke but the uke just wont forgive him easily
    Thanks in advance

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  13. Saiki July 23, 2016 9:52 am

    Does anyone no this manga, where the King cross dress his son since he was little becuz a wizard he once dated & dumped, promised to come back 4r his son to replay him as his lover.

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  • NeonTech : what!? What!? omg hope what's going on is what I'm imagining (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ agh THANK YOU!!! need the new update now!!! (╯`Д´)╯╧╧╧╧
  • DaniDani : (⊙…⊙ ) well I kind of understand their unbounded/ limitless love for their father... but i still have the goose bumps thinking that HE WILL SURELY NOT GONNA LAST IF IT CONTINUES... EXCESSIVE LOVE AND EXCESSIVE SEX.....
  • shana lina : http://truyentranh8.net/manga/6965-Thien-Than-Cuoi-The-Ki/Seikimatsu%20no%20Angel-chap-14 this link have another chapter but not in english sub..so can you add here and change the sub please.....
  • YunikonNiji : Bro, the fucking Wakame Sake cracks me up everytime, like "Hey, non-existent boyfriend! Can I pour wine on your pubes and drink it?"

    Hell, if I said that I would've gotten arrested (^_^)
  • Anonymous : http://truyentranh8.net/manga/6965-Thien-Than-Cuoi-The-Ki/Seikimatsu%20no%20Angel-chap-14 this link have another chapter but not in english sub..so can you add here and change the sub please.....
  • Demon : i'm still hoping there will be update someday ...
  • Anoni Grrl : Many years ago, I read some studies on sex and gender role differences in self-reported attitudes towards monogamy and infidelity that suggested there was empirical backing for the idea that males were less likely to be monogamous (or at least strictly sexually monogomus0 but i am too lazy to try to track it down and it may be outdated. I agree that we shouldn't assume gender means that much, but there is some evidence that suggests a statically significant difference between men and women in attitudes towards monogomy. Such differences might be changing since the studies I read were done, but there is at least some evidentiary basis for the idea that the trends exists.

    Interestingly, the studies I read suggested lesbians were more likely to want a committed monogamous relationship than straight people, and gay men were less likely to want a sexually monogamous relationship (some even called it "heteronormative" and were opposed to it). Again, this is about statistical trends and there are outliers and exceptions.

    Additionally, the studies asked mostly about what people report that they think they want--which may not reflect what people actually do. So, huge grain of salt there. But there is more to it than just a myth--there were at least some trends reported.

    That being said, many women enjoy multiple partners (at some time in their lives). I think the issue is whether the people who like multiple partners are honest about it and tell the people they are with, or if they lie. Lying is what sucks (IMO).
  • sungshines : Sooo will atsushi and akutagawa become partner in special events like dazai and chuuya
  • izumishio : omg i'm not the only one !! I feel like if he had a chance he wont even consider his senpai !! poor senpai ┗( T﹏T )┛
  • CreepySleeper : I think the same.
  • TomoAki : http://m.tw.weibo.com/2012737410/4000041255618178

    I found the link but wont work on my pc but i hope it works for you guys!! The passwork is szff
  • Kiroro : Everything is fucked up, fuck here and fuck there, fuck your nephew and fuck tomoe. They're fucking around. It was good if they're not fucking to each other. Be loyal will ya. Sorry btw its a yaoi world after all. Ill still give 4star.
  • ian : I'm with you... ╥﹏╥
  • Heart : the battle begin and i will put this on hold maybe 4 to 5 update so that i can read the battle straight :) good luck...
  • yuui-chan : wahhhhhhhh
    nooooooo plz don't even think about that Σ( o□o||).... ╥﹏╥
  • breakerlight : ME TOOOO~~~!!!
  • breakerlight : I don;t like Taichi, so I prefer Aratawith Chihaya, since I don;t like Taichi's personality..
    but I think it'll be interesting to see taichi with shinobu, but, there is no sign of them together, but I still think that this pairing will be interesting..
    well, I always fond of many crack pairings...
    ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭
  • Heart : here i am looking forward for Saitama action but gets none, looks like im gonna wait for forever again (/TДT)/
  • Lady Alteria : I need more! This is too cute!
  • Anonymous : hahahhahahaahahaha XD
  • Nyaaaaaru23 : And that man who let moby dick fell.... the mysterious man.....
  • Anonymous : " Is that.. Love!?" No, it's just two men competing against each other.. All men do it (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • DaniDani : i don't really know if I should be feeling sorry for the fence or thinking that "what a lucky thing to be there on their romantic/erotic/horny moments." hahaha LOL... ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ
  • Anonymous : Indeed
  • Anonymous : Sure
  • RoseyPosey : Throughout reading this there were tense moments that kept me on the edge of my seat, loving moments in which the characters affection for each other could be blatantly seen, and a breathtaking story that left a feeling of attachment in my heart for both Rayflo and Cherry. The ending was deliciously sweet and satisfying at the same time, with unanswered mysteries only further piquing the readers interest to the story. ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ~
  • Cyx : True, it is pretty confusing XD
  • honeycoquette : Im starting to feel like Shirotani will leave him if he found out he's just a project to Kurose. The only reason they know each other is because of his neighbor. He's practically dedicated all of his life to someone that died when he was 8. How can you love someone completely when your entire life is dictated by a dead guy?
  • Anonymous : I would like have more about aki and ryuu and less of the couple mayumi and yuuta !!!