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2014-10-21 15:25
This is an extraordinary vampire manga that never updated. It has been years and still nothing.
2014-11-19 10:53
Love vampire manga. . .so hot!!!
2014-08-06 07:06
Funny! I love read. Cool vampire!
2014-08-19 22:55
I really love Yaoi - Vampire stories... And this was great!!!
2014-08-24 05:35
Why does it have to end
2014-08-04 10:35
«☢» Kohitsuji Project / Lamb Project is about a Dull high schooler Kazuya surprisingly got accepted into a prestigious school w/o knowing he is the "Lamb" for vampire students to learn not treating humans as food! Σ(っ°Д °;)っ
//★// Extra - http://tw.weibo.com/xuelongshenjun/3768306249260544
2014-08-31 19:43
gost i loved it all please keep this going with a sequel maybe omgg an i want more couples this story is just to hot to stop now
2014-09-07 04:03
one of my faves
2014-10-28 04:41
2014-09-24 15:25
My absolute favorite manga of all time! Wished it could be made into an anime as well ^3^ <333
2014-09-30 06:21
>w< i want to read more
2014-10-02 02:24
I absolutely in love with this manga....
2014-10-13 20:46
I heard the author died. I'm very, very sorry! +
I would have loved to keep reading this manga ...
2014-11-21 17:32
2014-12-09 02:01
I LOVE THIS! I wish the main story was longer though.. so much potential and it ended like that. The end was kind of rushed. T_T
2014-12-22 08:00
2014-12-27 06:29
Amazing!!! Such beautiful and well drawn art
2015-01-05 00:12
Hot vampires .. hope that the mangaka will continue this.. i really hope so..
2015-02-20 03:57
Please Update!
2015-04-22 12:14
Please sensei don't end it this way coz this is very exciting plot! Please don't just end it coz its so regrettable to end this like this please!!! More sensei. update please!!!!
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