What The Heck Is Wrong With Me

Im askin cuz I think Imma try and do that. Dunno why I wanna do that but I just do.
Answer it 30 05,2017 23:57
am the same [Experience]
Kaoru 10 04,2017 00:14
I am a bookmark hoarder of a disgusting amount of website bookmark on every browser on my laptop!! all those manga i want to read ,will read and had read but stop in the middle and like ''im gonna bookmark this so that i dont forget about it when i decide to carry on where i left off'' Fuck that!! I never just open my browser and like look at my bo......   1 reply
10 04,2017 00:14
lolcat 13 03,2017 14:53
I have them in my backpack. I always keep them in my pocket. I always have one.   7 reply
13 03,2017 14:53
Literally me [Experience]
08 02,2017 00:06
I ask that same question whenever I read smutty yaoi... or maybe just the fact that I actually exist HAHA! Here you go... cats ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ You're welcome   reply
08 02,2017 00:06