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  1. Sorry for the bad english ^^ December 21, 2014 3:35 pm

    I am looking for a yaoi manga, the story is:
    A guy with red eyes is always compared to a demon for it, so he uses a cap to hid his face. His work is to delivery packages. On the first day of work - I guess- he has to take really heavy boxes to the top of a mountain, when he guets there, the one to opens the dor is a pretty guy, who says his red eyes are beautiful. The delivery boy falls in love. The next day, however, the pretty guy doesnt remember him, and every day it's like they are meeting for first time.
    Please help me, kay? :3

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  2. kuro December 21, 2014 3:19 pm

    Is it just me or are the mangas really late in updating this month???

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    • Sorry for the bad english ^^ December 21, 2014 3:36 pm

      I think so too :/

  3. Agatha
    December 21, 2014 3:11 pm

    hi i want to ask about yaoi manga title. i already ask before, but i kinda lost track of it because i'm not register yet xD

    so it is the first story of yaoi oneshot series. I believe the main character is a man whose sister is death in plane crash. he lived in big house consisted of him, his mother and his late sister in law's husband. and yes, he fall in love long time ago with his sister husband. it kinda vague, but i think the mc have a long hair while the husband have short hair with weak personality.

    thank you so much!

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    • June December 21, 2014 3:14 pm

      Could be the first story in Follow?

    • Agatha
      December 21, 2014 3:20 pm
      Could be the first story in Follow? @June


  4. MangaGirl December 21, 2014 2:32 pm

    I remember reading about a manhwa which shows a girl cross-dressing as a guy and working in her grandfather's company. There were 2 guys with the same name and one was named the big one and the other was named the small one. Can anybody tell me what is the name of the manhwa?
    Thank you.

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  5. Anonymous December 21, 2014 2:25 pm

    Anyone who knows this manga? Thank you so much and merry christmas! Wanting to read it for a long time!

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  6. Anony December 21, 2014 2:20 pm

    Hi I remember reading the Warui Yatsu demo series and I dont know which one (cuz theres so many and all over the place) where the Council president gets jealous because someone was hanging out with Towa.. Anyone know which chapters/name it is?

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  7. Anonymous December 21, 2014 2:12 pm

    A yaoi about 2 roommate and the room is split up with tape because one of the roomate always brings in a different girl and the other roomate always listens to music so he wouldnt hear their noises because he likes him

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  8. non December 21, 2014 1:53 pm

    Can anyone please give or recommend a yaoi manga , I would prefer it if the boy were mystery and he's handsome all the girls love him also kinda Arrogant so he fall in love with another boy in the school and he don't want to tell but he keeps sticks into him and bully him .... so sorry for taking your time and if u have any plz tell me thx :) ♡_♡

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  9. DreamLaLaLuLu
    December 21, 2014 12:14 pm

    Does anyone know the name of these mangas ?? I want to read them soooo muchhh NOW http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/life_love/mf/sa-c010/pg-3/

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  10. cherry pearl December 21, 2014 12:03 pm

    suggestion for yaoi manga with forced sex?? either by seme or it was the uke who initiated it..?? thanks,,

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  11. Yaoi-Maniac19
    December 21, 2014 11:06 am

    http://i1374.photobucket.com/albums/ag405/YoshiRocks18/What%20Anime%20is%20this_zpstcqaw5ar.gif Is it okay to post anime related questions? If so I like the art and it seems like a good romance anime. :) I just don't know it's name. :/ Anyone know?

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  12. .•♛ Empress .Yaoi. ♛•.
    December 21, 2014 10:16 am

    I just finished watching "Formula17" It's a very good film XD I guarantee you it'll make u smile and laugh ..
    also finished watching doushitemo furetakunai :) it was a pretty good movie

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    • Merlo
      December 21, 2014 11:43 am

      can you post the link where you watched/downloaded doushitemo furetakunai?
      thank you :)

    • Merlo
      December 21, 2014 11:54 am

      I can suggest you to watch "five dances", this one is really fluffy ^-^, and "the normal heart" it's beautiful but WATCH IT ONLY IF YOU WANT TO CRY

  13. AIexa December 21, 2014 8:34 am

    recommend me some yaoi or shounen ai with uke who is strong and cute please ...

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  14. BoizuRabu December 21, 2014 7:42 am

    Do you guys prefer to watch diamond no ace the anime or read the manga? I want to start it but can't decide whether to watch it or read it

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    • hater December 21, 2014 8:15 am

      l prefer to read the manga cause l can do the voice actor by myself hmm and l like watch cause anime is a little different from manga so it is refreshing

    • nana December 21, 2014 8:40 am

      if you're talking about which one to start first, I recommend starting on the anime because it's just a recap of how the manga starts but with real voices and actions. After you are done with the anime then you can start on the manga because it picks up from the anime. However, I don't really remember the chapter for you to pick up the story, you will have to find it yourself. This is just in my opinion because I did this and I was still able to understand the whole story and there wasn't any confusion.

    • nobody December 21, 2014 10:22 am

      I think I'll choose manga first..
      You MAY not like the voice actor, or anything, and it will just keep playing in your head when you read the manga. In the end, you might stop reading it. In my case, if the uke is kind of cutie pie like, I can use my own imagination for the voice and make it adorable. If in anime the voice is kinda rough and not suitable for the uke, it might distract me :<
      My opinion ^^

  15. maiyaoi December 21, 2014 6:56 am

    hi yaoigirlfriends! could you guys share to me you TOP 1 MOST FAVORITE YAOI EVER?!!! i will be VERY happy to read your shares!! (^3^)

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    • sakuracry December 21, 2014 7:21 am

      i seriously tried, but i couldn`t make a decision for just one, it was hard enough deciding those three ;o)
      Kokoro series by Kanda Neko
      Brother by Ougi Yuzuha
      Not equal by Ike Reibun

    • Jelite December 21, 2014 8:07 am

      It would be Totally Captivated. I prefer a yaoi with hot sex scene but when I read Totally Captivated I got so caught up in the story that even if there is no sex scene but story itself was too good to stir up my emotion.

    • hater December 21, 2014 8:16 am
      It would be Totally Captivated. I prefer a yaoi with hot sex scene but when I read Totally Captivated I got so caught up in the story that even if there is no sex scene but story itself was too good to stir up... @Jelite

      1. you are my loveprize viewfinder and katekyou l don't know cause l just like hot seme cute and stubborn manly ukes

    • Akashi's VileQueen December 21, 2014 10:40 am

      For me, it is silver diamond and Koori No Mamono No Monogatari manga.... They are under the same author, it is because I really like fantasy and the story has many twists and turns which i do like... And also Seven days, for it is sweet and tender.. and lastly Shouwaru Ookami ga Koi wo Shita Rashii (Yaoi) manga, I just love the characters... that is all

    • Anonymous December 21, 2014 11:10 am
      For me, it is silver diamond and Koori No Mamono No Monogatari manga.... They are under the same author, it is because I really like fantasy and the story has many twists and turns which i do like... And also S... @Akashi's VileQueen

      I guess if I had to choose it would be Gravitation just because it was the first yaoi I read way back when. Hmmm how long has it been now think it's been well over 10 years when I read. AH MAN I'M SO OLD........................

    • MangAnime December 21, 2014 1:32 pm

      I can't say which one is my favorite, but I like all manga from Yamane Ayano...

  16. FALALALALA December 21, 2014 6:45 am

    Can someone help me? I'm finding for a yaoi manga where in the uke is a helper at first in a studio then the seme spotted him and make him a model.? the seme has a cousin which is also a model who is inlove with him... that's all I remember. :'(

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  17. anon. December 21, 2014 6:38 am

    Hello, I'm trying to find this manga. its about a younger uke and an older rich seme. The uke didnt want to give his virginity to the seme but was jealous when he found out about the seme having sex with someone else so he put a pen up his ass. thank you

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  18. Ente Isla - TRYING TO FIND YAO December 21, 2014 5:27 am

    Can someone help me! I JUST had this manga in my tabs but now its gone and I deleted my history!! Its a yaoi and its about how the uke wants to become a cool model like the seme he admires instead of being called cute all the time. Oh and they are also roommates as well. They dont get along well at first but they start to understand each other later on. Can someone please tell me the name of this manga when they have the chance. Thank you very much~~

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  • lamRia : It could be better if the last story would be a little bit longer. Damn it is too short.
    And the first story i just DONT LIKE IT. I pity the uke on act 2. It would be better if the author made a chapter that seme was nothing without the existence of the uke. At least the uke is not the only one who suffers the seme also.
  • Anonymous : The anime is way better than the ma ga but not bad
  • Anonymous : I like manager couple
  • zeetainthesky : users**
  • zeetainthesky : tumblr user will run the world
  • siver wolf : what happen next part that story????
  • saveadog : Wow. Thank you so much for the summary. S & M scares me a bit … though I'm working my way to reading it, lol. I really hate the beginning of Koisuru, because of the rape but I do love Souichi. Honestly, I only read KB because of Souichi.

    So basically in Viewfinder, everyone is pretty experienced and tough? No soft, innocence character? What about the uke?
  • saveadog : Thanks! Sounds very dark!`
  • Anonymous : Will this be updated soon ?
  • Anonymous : It's the new cover picture. Yay! I'm always amazed how this cover stands out from the other mangas covers.
  • XHM : Good job shingo!
  • boo : <3
  • Anonymous : http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/kobi_no_kyoujin/mf/v01/c002/2/
    Anyone who knows the title of this manga/ illustration?thank you and merry christmas!
  • GeminiD101 : Like does she have one completed series ToT ??
  • hataki : oops. i meant for yanase, not chiaki.
  • cutepeoplez9 : so good my sister has the book
  • Anonymous : the only one you guys are torturing is me!!!! gosh!!! i really want him to make a mess out of Kurose!
  • siver wolf : this will next part of the be that story???
  • Cherry Blossoms ^.^ : :) Keep Up the good work !
  • Zena : Turns out the team is on a hiatus:

    I find it interesting that she doesn't find scanlations fun to do though.
  • seluna : You are so right.
  • JuanaMaria : i guess he is... CRAVING THAT MINERAL %D *badumtss*
  • marrix : I only found it today but I already fallen in love with it I'm hope it will update soon again.
  • black cat : Update as soon as you can pls
  • black cat : At sex pistols there they get pregnant
  • boo : I wish it was longer
  • hater : Shit why guys can not pregnant when l read this kind of mangas l would always wish that only uke could get pregnant shingo pls get pregnant with keiichi is children
  • Lika : Just started to read dengeki daisy for last couple of months, getting attracted to this author and bam!! I just realized that i'm already a fan of this author >_< release puhlisss....
  • hataki : http://www.77mh.com/201404/274492.html?page=8
    side note, these two pages will never cease to be adorable as sin!
  • hataki : my shingoXkeiichi! my otp!! >< i love them. they're just so sexy, assertive, and adorable all at the same time. between chapter 3 & 4, shingo's like a sexy incubus, i wanted to jump through my screen and torment him. (; and mommy shingo sideright in the kokoro every time. also, i love seeing these two act spoiled with each other!! :D being on more!
  • Rauvelore Laamtora : There're parts I liked and parts I didn't. I give it a meh-ish
  • niknak : right it was to sweet :D
  • niknak : omggg i loved it so much so romantical an sooo sweet looking forward to the next update of this was soo good :]
  • Anonymous : I loved this story!! Endo was sexy in both forms!!
  • DreamLaLaLuLu : They are not blood related but ı think so ... still gross
  • DreamLaLaLuLu : I hated the ending . Oh did they have to snd like a comedy ? WTF ım pissed . I wish jack killed takahiro that time . It would be the best end. The relationship between gakahiro and his father gross me out to . but ...ı love the comic panels .These are the best .
  • marry : thank you, your comment makes me really want to read this manga
  • Anonymous : *I can't believe..
  • Anonymous : I can believe that all over the world there is just one person doing this translation.. who is busy, at the hospital, whatever.... and the rest of the world?? ook... but christmas is coming... so we will have the chapter, maybe :)
  • yuina : pls.... update..... i really like rood.. so cool
  • marry : Maybe i am the only one but i would totally love a story with Kimiko and Nagahisa. I love her personality and it is not often that i get a chance to read a story about a female sadist but of course i won't say no to Yuu and Nagahisa. I also love his personality too
  • just-someone : So cute :3 more!!!
  • Kyatsukai : I'm happy you'll wait patiently for the next chapter, as I'll be busy! XD thanks for showing your support :D
  • Kyatsukai : Haha xD Well, I'm a chinese born in the Netherlands ;) Believe me, there are lots of anime/manga lovers here in the Netherlands too ;)
  • zZZzzzZZzz.... : It's already released! You can download it on aarinfantasy's forum
  • Anonymous : right right and reino's reaction too he would be amazed
  • NekuCloud : Yeah me too I couldn't stop reading, it's very engaging despite the rape.
  • Gaara_chan : how is "obviously" rude in any way? I mean.. it IS obvious xD
  • zahir : I'm so happy ç.ç I was waiting for this!
  • Leon Reiner Luka s. Zess : yes it was like 3 times lol
  • kitteh : ah the angst. just so long as enishi & kuruto are together, it's all right. i was still unclear on the dead cat incident, but i'm just gonna assume the cat got hit by a car or something. *hopeful* i don't wanna think the older brother was cruel or spiteful or anything...
  • Gaara_chan : They didnt kiss. Kurose-kun stopped from touching shirotani-sans mouth >.<
  • Noisymura : Ah No no Kimiko is indead a girl, and yes Nanao call her aneki (like here for example http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/mujihi_na_karada/mf/v01/c006/25/ ). She's just a woman with a strong personality, she's strong willed and also a sadist pfftt. And yes I think that it's obvious Nagahisa will end up with Yuu if there is a love triangle but it doesn't mean Kimiko won't have some fun fufu
  • Anonymous : Update plzz
  • Anonymous : Wait ok im confused, did they kiss or not? Were they just hovering their mouths over each other? xD
  • made into a movie in Korea cal : It's made into Korean drama "49 Days" starring Jung IL Woo x Nan Gyuri.
  • Merina : OMG!!! i feel like diying kakami is soooooo hooooot and shingo OMFG! those expressions
    and those mama instincts jajaja if he have the oportunity to be a mom he's gonna be the best jajaja
  • Akashi's VileQueen : So sad.........:(
  • Akashi's VileQueen : who is Nagahisa-san???