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  1. Kise
    January 31, 2015 3:43 am

    What's this yaoi manga called? This guy had a band but then they disbanded and later this guy heard the main guy's voice through a recording and was impressed so he found him on the street and asked him to join his band.

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  2. Lilium January 31, 2015 3:34 am

    Hi! So I'm also trying to find a manga that is a one shot. I think its part of a collection of one shots.

    Essentially it's about a businessman (uke) that was straight before entering in a relationship with a younger nice guy (seme). The seme is so nice that he ends up ignoring the businessman on accident, so the businessman uses toys to satisfy himself. After the seme catches him, the businessman chains the seme to the bed and pretty much teases him before they go all the way. It ends with the seme learning his lesson and spending more time with uke.

    If anyone knew what this was called, I would truly appreciate it!

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  3. ririn January 31, 2015 2:43 am

    yaoi manga help! so the story was like the seme was an idol when he was a child, but he was dressed as a girl.. the uke likes the girl idol seme when he was a child and kept some kind of dvd or photoalbumof the girl idol seme, something like that . when they met in present, uke doesn't recognized the seme coz he's now grown and manly.. I think the seme works on a bar/cafe? I'm not sure, .. the uke has black hair with glasses more like the dark type person. thanks! :)

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  4. Buzz January 31, 2015 2:04 am

    i'm looking for action manga with hammer is his weapon and i think searching for his father and his job somelike crusher building.. that what i remmber..

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  5. Help please January 31, 2015 1:25 am

    Hi, i'm searching yaoi manga.
    The story is the little brother killed his own older brother because he jealous of his older brother, he pushed the older brother from the stair.
    And then, when he were in his brother's grave he met a writter/novelist. And the novelist is crazy and has the older brother's bone that can connect to the older brother.
    And in the end the older brother is crazy about the younger one.

    Thank you, sorry for my bad english

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  6. Ryuu January 31, 2015 1:03 am

    I've posted this before, but never hurts to try again. Since I still haven't found this yaoi manga yet. It talks about a prince who made this guy as a bride. Of course he didn't know that he was a guy. It was till the end when they fall in love did he know. BUT THE GUY DIDNT BECOME THE BRIDE BECUZ OF HIS SISTER

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  7. Oooo January 31, 2015 12:36 am

    I was reading a manga nd my history got cleared it's a shoujo where 10 years old princess got married to 20 year guy for peace of kingdom and that guy killed princess knight nana

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    • Krista
      January 31, 2015 1:00 am

      Adarushan no Hanayome

  8. Shinonome
    January 31, 2015 12:01 am

    Did that get your attention? Good. xD I've been looking for a certain yaoi manga where the uke falls in love with the seme but he is scared of the expressions he will make when doing the dirty. He blindfolds the seme and then 'rapes' him. (as most will call it). I can't remember if the seme is tied to a chair or not.

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    • Linda19 January 31, 2015 12:56 am

      I'm to 99% sure that it was One of Kamon Saeki work....

    • Shinonome
      January 31, 2015 1:17 am

      Nope, I'm very familiar with Kamon Saeko's work. Thank you very much though.

    • Ju Ju
      January 31, 2015 2:20 am

      It's Hanayome Wa Oku-san

    • Ju Ju
      January 31, 2015 2:21 am

      The manga's name is Hanayome Wa Oku-san. Hope that helps

    • Shinonome
      January 31, 2015 2:37 am
      The manga's name is Hanayome Wa Oku-san. Hope that helps Ju Ju

      Nope. Not this one either. Thank you very much though.

  9. Yuki
    January 30, 2015 10:51 pm

    im looking for an yaoi manga. I cant remember exactly what hapend but the uke was set on a blind date by hes rommate and he turne out to be his sensei.

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  10. 801lover
    January 30, 2015 10:43 pm


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  11. bored January 30, 2015 10:29 pm

    can someone recommend me a yaoi manga where the uke or the seme have an ex. girlfriend or ex. boyfriend that intervening in their love life and one of them (seme, uke) get jealous, or something like that...

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  12. jinks
    January 30, 2015 10:23 pm

    So I cant remember exactly what it's about but the seme is a model and if I'm not mistaken he might be part English and the uke is a beautiful man with longish black hair who always wears a hat. I have absolutely no clue as to what manga it was, so please help me! Thanks

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    • June January 30, 2015 10:36 pm

      Wonderful Days maybe?

    • jinks
      January 31, 2015 12:46 am

      That's it! Awesome thank you

  13. help January 30, 2015 10:16 pm

    im looking for an yaoi manga.
    the uke is an art student and he is alittle clumsy.
    one day he works on his art work for his class workand he make alot of nois, so one of his neighbors come to his apartment and help him with the work.

    after that i dont remember what happens.
    please help me! (sorry about my english, and if it helps until now there was jast one release)

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  14. Ziyu January 30, 2015 10:11 pm

    Mangas that has arrange marriage?

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  15. mad hater January 30, 2015 10:08 pm

    the manga im looking for is yaoi and antil now it release one volume.
    the manga is about an art student, he is a little clumsy.
    one day he make an art work and he makes alot of nois' and one of his neighbor came to his apartment and help him with his work.

    after that i stopped to read.
    please help me!

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  16. Lovena January 30, 2015 10:07 pm

    Hey guys, so I wrote a question a few days ago (on the 28, I think-II also thought I post it too, guess not!) So, I'm looking for a yaoi story about two boys that were dating each other when they were int heir last year of Junior high. So, the story started with them seeing each other in the train station while they're going home from school, one is by himself (glasses boy-I don't know their names...sorry), and blond dude is with friends. And they start thinking back to their past. Blond boy was getting bullied, and Black haired boy with glasses manage to somehow helped him (he didn't mean to) and blond boy started looking at black haired dude like a hero, they became friend on no part of glasses boy. They started liking each other and one day (I'm unsure of this part) blond boy confessed to black haired boy, they kissed. I'm sure of this part; one day, blond boy went to glasses boy's home to do hw work (it was summer, because they were sweating!) and they had IT. While having it (reason I remember that part so vividly- like yesterday) glasses boy asked blond boy if what they were doing was right...(So saddddd!) It was summer, t hey were at school for sport club activities, and blond boy watched glasses boy got confessed by girl, they fought and broke up, not talking to each other after that. At graduation, both went to where blond boy confessed to glasses boy-also where they eat lunch (I think it's the roof, or back of school-I remember a wall and them sitting on cement ground). Bad look at their longingly, like they wish the other would pop on them and they would make up-didn't happen. Back to current time, blond boy got sick while hanging out with friends (not sick sick, more like upset and nostalgic). he went home....They're old now, our of college and they got invited to reunion and glasses boy promised to answer blond boy (In know it was him rejecting that what they had had never been wrong.

    Soooooooooooo, with all of this information, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me!!! I need to find it and read it again.

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    • June January 30, 2015 10:27 pm

      I´m not sure but it reminds me of Bokura wa Sore o Hitei Dekinai from Kyuugou!

    • Anonymous January 31, 2015 1:44 am
      I´m not sure but it reminds me of Bokura wa Sore o Hitei Dekinai from Kyuugou! @June

      Thank you sooooooooooooo much, I'm going to go see if you're right- either way, thank you!!

  17. Bunny
    January 30, 2015 9:15 pm

    Can anyone recommend me yaoi or shounen ai mangas that are similar to Renai-rubi no Tadashii Furikata ( http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/renai_rubi_no_tadashii_furikata/ ) . Like one of the characters doesn't realize another character was mean or teased them because they actually had feelings for them in highschool. Or other mangas that have the dork/ delinquent relationship.

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  18. Kiki January 30, 2015 8:56 pm

    Hmmm interesting :)

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    • kyaaa January 30, 2015 9:30 pm

      what is interesting? i wanna know

    • MOI? January 30, 2015 9:42 pm

      me too (*o*)

    • DasIce January 30, 2015 10:30 pm

      Yeah really interesting ⋋( ◕ ∧ ◕ )⋌

  19. 801lover
    January 30, 2015 8:41 pm

    Jk! bored.....

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  20. Shironeko
    January 30, 2015 8:27 pm

    does any one know these manga
    ? http://alice-chii.tumblr.com/image/109596817951 (⁎˃ᆺ˂) Im
    sorry for my english

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    • Chriss January 30, 2015 9:49 pm

      That pic it's the cover from chapter 13 of Hatsukoi Monster. I made some research and I found it translated only in spanish(I don't know how much of it) T_T but you can see the scans if you want (only from chap. 7-13 I think).

      And don't worry for your english, mine it's not that great either ^^

    • Chriss January 30, 2015 9:54 pm

      that pic is* sorry... XD


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  • Baka girl : Aw I wanted more
  • Elenari : Well, Mama is another word for mom, so Tetsu basically has a HUGE mother-complex...
  • Anonymous : I'm not okay with the last story, if I'm her, I'm not going to fight for him..irritating flirt!
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  • Loveless : Thank you
  • bakaotaku34 : im not sure but I think its just an illustration, cause that scanlation group DP, always use illustration... I checked their website its not there... so maybe im wrong ^^"
  • bakaotaku34 : Hey I just read it right now four volumes in a row... and I totally agree with what you said, I have the exact same opinion ><
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    I've met enough of them in real life ..ya know ..?

    Sighs ...any way ..this was angsty ...sad ..but with humor and if
    The individual was real I would advise him to kick sensei in the manga
    In the balls
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